Mammock new mocking framework

Thu, Feb 16, 2012 2-minute read

I have decided to fork Rhino Mocks and continue development of it under another name: Mammock.

Don't ask me how I came up with the name, it's kind of silly. A combination of Mammoth and Mock, but it turns out that mammock actually means something that is a fragment of something else, and you could say that a mock is a part of something else, which is the piece of code you want to test and thus Mammock is not such a bad name after all :-)

The plans for Mammock are:

  • Upgrade to .NET 4
  • Upgrade to Castle 3
  • Get rid of old style mocking and stear codebase towards pure AAA
  • Make the codebase smaller by providing a much smaller and leaner interface
  • Go through code base and optimise and fix bugs that have been filed against Rhino Mocks.


I have already updated the code to .NET 4 and Castle 3, but I will still have it as a goal to see if there are reflection or other code that has been made that can be done more efficiently using .NET 4.

I am thinking about giving the version number of Mammock .1 higher than the .NET framework it it targeting, so Mammock for .NET 4, would be Mammock 4.1 and so forth. But that is just an idea.

I plan on making Mammock compatible with Rhino Mocks in the sense that if you are using the following style:

MockRepository.GenerateStub<T>, MockRepository.GenerateMock<T> etc. i.e. the static methods.

Then you should be able to switch in Mammock without changing anything but the namespace.

You can find the codebase at github