Dell Wyse 5070 bought and so what?

Mon, Jan 24, 2022 2-minute read

I don’t like to spend money I don’t have to spend, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

I have wanted to “upgrade” my home lab for a while.

Right now my homelab is running a bunch of machines, and for a very long time I have wanted to set up a proper cluster of some sort, that can run my “machines” that I use for many different purposes.

At one point I bought three HP Gen8 Servers with celerons, but I never got around to using them simply because I thought they were too BIG for too little power.

So for a couple of years I have read stuff on the internet and in particular Serve the home.

Those machines mentioned in that article were a bit too pricey for my taste, so I wanted something cheaper but still decent.

Luckily enough I found an offer on ebay where a guy had 5

Dell Wyse 5070

Dell Wyse 5070 for sale with:

  • Intel Pentium Silver J5005
  • 8GB of ram
  • Some sort of disk

They are not very fast, but should be plenty fast for a lot of things.

I have an idea that I will either use them for a:

  • Kubernetes cluster
  • Docker swarm
  • Proxmox cluster
  • ESXi “cluster”
  • Some other cluster

I guess I will decide when they arrive and I have played around with them for a while.

Also I am not 100% certain on whether or not I bought 5 of the thin version or 5 of the extended version.

To be updated